Beware of the Agapanthus





This year's adult play was a contemporary comedy set in West Cork, and a first for the Group, having been written by one of our members, Robert Brown, and directed by Maggie Frame. As in the previous year's play, 'Third Week in August', a barbecue featured strongly - in fact the whole play depicted the progress of the barbecue being held by James, a failed investment banker and the central character, as a housewarming event to mark his move back to his old family home. Things don't run quite as smoothly as James would have liked, though. His sister Peggy, who he had been counting on to help, loses her glasses in the lake, and in spite of a diver friend's efforts to recover them, Peggy is left almost blind for most of the event. An internet date is convinced he is a sex maniac, one of his aunts ends up considerably the worse for drink, and he is accused of stealing a gazebo by his scheming ex-wife. Worse still, she has turned up with her elderly new boyfriend, who, it transpires, has lost most of his money by investing in one of James's funds. All is not disaster, however, as both James and Peggy end up finding new partners, and a painting hanging on the wall turns out to be his financial saving. And as for the agapanthus, those fiercest of garden plants, lurking in their bed by the drive, perhaps they too had a role in the happy ending which ensued? The play had two performances at Glengarriff, and two at the Carnegie Theatre, Kenmare, and was well received. 'Beware of the Agapanthus' has since been accepted for publishing by LazyBee Scripts, and is available online - click this link to view: